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Article provided by: Guaranteed Carpet & Tile Inc.

Carpet Cleaners Bradenton

Looking for carpet cleaners in the Bradenton area? If you have pet odors or stains in your carpets or upholstery, you know how embarrassing it can be when guests come over and you can’t hide the smell. If you’ve tried every over-the-counter stain removal and odor removal product that’s out there only to find that nothing was very effective, call Guaranteed Carpet & Tile Care.

Guaranteed Carpet has a very high success rate at removing urine stains from carpeting- on average, about 80-90%. The actual results depend on just how long those stains have been in your carpet fibers. If they’ve been there a while, depending on the fiber type, there could already be permanent damage that has occurred. Left for months, pet urine can cause the fibers to deteriorate.

Pet stains that are caught early have the best chances for successful removal, as urine is in a neutral state when it is first deposited. When urine is fresh, it’s very easy to remove. Your carpet technician will talk to you about your pet urine stains at the walk-through phase of your carpet cleaning, before the actual cleaning takes place. For stains that have been in your carpet for a long time, Guaranteed Carpet may be able to dye the fabric so that it is not noticeable.

Guaranteed’s carpet cleaners in Bradenton use professional-strength enzymes and deodorizers to treat pet urine odors in carpets and upholstery. There is an additional small charge for each quart of deodorizer that is used on carpets for the purpose of removing pet odors. Pet stains will be located with a urine detector to pinpoint the location of each spot that needs to be treated, then they will be sprayed with enzymes that work by eating the urine bacteria.

If you have a recurring issue in-between cleanings with pet stains and odors, enzymes are able to be purchased by you to use when you need them. Unfortunately, urine stains are the one stain that the carpet cleaners in Bradenton are unable to guarantee the removal of. Some urine stains may be permanent, however, there is a very good chance that they can be removed.

For recurring pet urine spots, Guaranteed Carpet uses a urine probe to determine exactly where the spot is located, and then, will flood the area with a deodorizer mixture and allow the mixture to set for a bit. Using their water claw spot lifter, they can then pull the urine directly from the carpet’s padding. This process eliminates 90% of all urine problems. If you opt for this process and the spot returns, Guaranteed Carpet will come back at no charge to attempt removal a second time. Guarantee is only provided when the water claw is used.

While there is not a 100% guarantee on removing pet odors, the expert carpet cleaners from Guaranteed Carpets in Bradenton offer your best chances on pet urine stain removal and odor removal. For a free quote to clean your carpets, please call 941-923-2498, and provide the approximate square footage of your carpet.

Carpet Cleaners Bradenton

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