If you’re a homeowner who loves wall-to-wall carpeting, it’s quite likely you’ve scrubbed out your fair share of stains. A home without carpets is in many ways a home that lacks decoration, and such is why a plurality of people prefer having carpeting over just hardwood flooring. Carpets can be stylish and comforting, but it’s when they get dirty that things become a bit of an issue. Follow these five carpet-cleaning tips the next time you notice a spot or mark on your carpet.

Don’t over Do It with the Shampoo –

If you put too much shampoo down, or if you fail to rinse out the shampoo properly, you’ll turn your carpet into a soapy mush-mat, one that’ll act as a near magnet for dirt and other unwanted particles. Having to get rid of the carpet is almost guaranteed.

Make Sure Any Furniture Is out of the Way –

When major spills occur, often is the case that the affected area is quite large. If you’re dealing with a spill/stain that requires a lot of room for adequate cleaning to be done, remember to move all furniture out of the way. Cleaning chemicals can damage furniture, and placing furniture on soaking-wet carpet isn’t good either. The best thing to do, if you have a lot of furniture near an area of the carpet that has been stained, is to move all the nearby furniture into an adjacent room or large open space.

Use Cleaning Products That Won’t Harm Young Children or Pets –

Young children and pets are always scampering about—the last thing you want is a child touching harmful chemicals or the family dog licking chemicals that could fatally poison it. When you’re out buying carpet-cleaning products, make sure you read product labels so you know exactly what you’re putting down. There are plenty of house-friendly carpet-cleaning products out there, many of which are sold in popular retail stores like Walmart.

Attend to Messes Quickly –

If something is spilled on the carpet, attending to the spill quickly is of vital importance. When it comes to stains, time is of the essence—if you wait too long to remove a stain from the carpet, you may never be able to get the pesky spot out.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service –

Cleaning carpets is a tedious job, especially if you’re living in a house that has young children or pets running around. Some people find themselves cleaning their carpets several times a week—that’s insane! If you’re like so many other Americans who’re sick of routine carpet cleaning, hiring a professional carpet-cleaning service is the best thing you can do. Services like those offered by Elevated Cleaning are first-rate, and within no time your home will be looking spotless.